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Company History

It all began in the 1920'S when Bert Shorter founded the Shorters Car Sales, Selling mainly used cars from imported from the UK, like the Auburn Cord.

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Shorter Car Sales acquired the Jaguar franchise.

Shorters Car Sales in Shortland Street expanded to selling Jaguar, Citroen and Singer.

Shorters Car Sales branched out to sell Volvo, Alfa Romeo, Honda and Nissan as well as BMW.

Opened a second branch in Greenlane called Shorters Cars Sales (233 Great South Road) Selling Jaguar, Nissan, Volvo, Alfa Romeo and Citroen.

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Giltrap Group and John Fairhall from Archibald's in Christchurch invest in joint ownership of Archibald and Shorter in Greenlane, Auckland.

Due to lack of space, both branches moved to 550 Great South Road, Greenlane, where the business is still located today.

Richard Holden and Jerry Clayton set up Roverland at 20 Wairau Road, Glenfield, Auckland.

Richard Holden bought Jerry Clayton's share and owned Roverland.

Merged Archibald and Shorter Greenlane with Roverland on the Shore to make a combined company.

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The brand new, state of the art Volvo showroom opened at 550 Great South Road, Greenlane

Giltrap Group become the main shareholders in Archibald and Shorter Roverland and have re-branded both dealerships to be called Archibald and Shorter Auckland and Archibald and Shorter North Shore.

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The brand new state of the art Jaguar showroom opened at 550 Great South Road.

The brand new Land Rover showroom opened at 550 Great South Road, completing the renovations of Archibald and Shorter Auckland.


The brand new Jaguar and Land Rover showroom opens at 20 Wairau Road, making it the largest Jaguar Land Rover dealership in the Southern Hemisphere.

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