The new E-Pace is Jaguar's First Compact SUV

It's a unique combination of looks, agility and dynamic driving.


Find out more as we get a closer look at its head-turning good looks and talk you through its agility and driving dynamics.

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Driving Experience.jpg

Driving Experience

Discover the excitement of driving E-PACE. Offering a unique balance between agility and ride comfort, the fully independent suspension system has a sophisticated multi-link rear suspension design. Advanced driving technologies including Active Driveline and Adaptive Dynamics ensure E-PACE delivers an agile, controlled ride.

Head Turning Good Looks.png

Head Turning Good Looks

With its sculpted bonnet and muscular rear haunches, E-PACE is a dynamic, agile SUV with the lines of a coupé.

In Car Technology.png

In Car Technology

Designed to make driving safer and more enjoyable, E-PACE 's state-of-the-art technology, includes our Touch Pro infotainment system featuring a 10” tablet-style Touchscreen.

A Place For Everything.png

A Place for Everything

E-PACE has class-leading interior stowage. The deep centre console with removable cupholders, provides a highly flexible space. The large glove box is great for all those essentials you want to keep close at hand and both deep front door bins have been sculpted to carry a range of items.

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Driving Performance.jpg

Driving Performance

With enhanced driving dynamics and refinement, every journey is a pleasure in E-PACE.

Ride and Handling.png

Jaguar Ride and Handling

E-PACE 's chassis has been developed to deliver agile and refined on-road dynamics. Aluminium chassis components are used to improve suspension performance by increasing stiffness. To increase ride comfort, E-PACE has a fully independent suspension system with a multi-link rear suspension design.

All Wheel Drive.jpg

All Wheel Drive

For performance across a wide range of conditions, the All Wheel Drive (AWD) system intelligently controls torque distribution between front and rear axles. Drive torque is balanced across both axles to fully utilise the available traction from all four tyres.

Active Driveline.png

Active Driveline

For increased agility, Active Driveline optimises traction and provides rear-wheel drive handling characteristics. The system allows up to 100 percent of rear axle drive torque to be distributed to either rear wheel according to available grip.

All Surface Progress Control.png

All Surface Progress Control

All Surface Progress Control (ASPC) helps give added confidence in slippery conditions. It's a low speed cruise control that helps E-PACE cope with low traction situations, whatever the weather – allowing you to concentrate on steering.

Ingenium Engine.jpg

Ingenium Engine

Our low friction, all-aluminium Ingenium engines have stiff cylinder blocks and twin balancer shafts to ensure inherently low levels of vibration, for smooth day-to-day performance. All engines are equipped with Stop/Start technology and smart regenerative charging – harvesting kinetic energy while braking to charge the battery – for maximum economy, especially during urban driving.

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In profile, E-PACE 's sweeping roofline blends with a spoiler that sits over a steeply raked rear window. Optional 21” alloy wheels further underscore E-PACE's sporting character. From behind, full LED tail lights provide a truly distinctive night time signature.

Panoramic Roof.jpg

Panoramic Roof

Choose our optional fixed panoramic glass roof to flood your E-PACE 's interior with light and enhance the airy, spacious feeling. Bringing the outside in, it gives everyone superb views of the sky.

LED Headlights.png

LED Headlights

For striking on road presence, E-PACE features all-round exterior LED lighting. LED lights are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle and are more fuel-efficient as they use less energy.

21inch Wheels.png

21" Wheels

  • A range of wheel options are available to enhance E-PACE 's sporting character. Choose from a wide selection of contemporary and dynamic designs in a range of sizes up to 21”
  • .
  • Market-dependent
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Contemporary, stylish and beautifully crafted – E-PACE 's interior is distinctly Jaguar and class leading interior stowage.

Fit Your Life Inside.jpg

Fit Your Life Inside

E-PACE 's interior storage is among the best in its class. The deep centre console with removable cupholders is suitable for smaller tablets or four 75cl bottles stored flat. The spacious glovebox is great for all those essentials you want to keep close at hand – like the centre console removable cup holders. Both deep front door bins have been sculpted to carry a range of items including phones, cans and a 1.5 litre bottle of water.

Configurable Ambient.png

Interior Lighting

Optional Configurable Ambient Interior Lighting creates a rich visual effect and a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere for all occupants. The system highlights unique design details with soft pools of light in a choice of ten different colours.

Details make the difference.jpg

Details Make the Difference

It's the little design details that give E-PACE its unique character, like the exclusive Jaguar and cub design hidden in the corner of the front windscreen. There's also a subtle Jaguar print in the cubby box and under the centre console.

in car technology 2.jpg

In-Car Technology

Delivering a wealth of information and entertainment, InControl is our suite of advanced technologies that links both you and your E‑PACE to the wider world.

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Practicality & Safety.jpg

Practicality and Safety

Wherever you need to go, whatever you need to take, E-PACE is designed to carry you and your passengers effortlessly, comfortably – and most importantly, safely.

Activity Key.jpg

Activity Key

With the optional Activity Key you can enjoy your favourite activities, and keep your car key securely in the car. For extra convenience, you can strap the Activity Key to your wrist. The wristband is robust and fully waterproof, allowing you to take part in a range of activities. Simply touch your Activity Key on the tailgate to lock or unlock the car and deactivate or reactivate the conventional key fob.

Powered Gesture Tailgate.jpg

Powered Gesture Tailgate

  • Powered gesture tailgate enables the driver to operate the tailgate from the kerbside, without needing to physically touch either the vehicle or the key fob. Gently present your foot under one of the car's rear flanks and the tailgate opens or closes
  • Only available when optional Keyless Entry is fitted.
Take your world with you.jpg

Take Your World With You

Large items can easily be accommodated by a maximum loadspace width of up to 1.3 metres – making it easy for E-PACE to take a pushchair lying flat. With a boot capacity of up to 577 litres, you can easily fit two medium sized suitcases and three ‘cabin carry on' sized suitcases.

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